June 2020


Welcome to my revised, rebooted, redesigned, revamped and renewed Katereidmusic.com!  I’m excited to share this new look and also let you know it’s available on mobile platforms as well.  Over the next few weeks I’ll be adding more images, new events, audio and video content from my last album and the recording process of, ‘The Heart Already Knows’. 

As with all my fellow musicians across the country and all over the world, my calendar has become quite open through the quarantine that began in March. I am doing a few things, here and there with folks in Miami and Los Angeles.  I’ll be posting some of those projects via the website and of course, letting everyone know about them through social media.  

I’m beginning to embark on the journey for the next recording project with lots of ideas being mulled over and concepts being considered. As always, I’ll be posting the updates to that creative process and the whats, wheres and whens to the website. 


Lastly, I want to include my journey of awareness of social injustice and racism and advocacy of anti-racism in this country.  Posted on FB Kate Prather Reid page, June 1, 2020.  

I’ve never shared my views or opinions about political, social or spiritual issues online and there are a variety of reasons for that choice. I’ve never been one to think any one truly wants or needs my opinions in this format and that my ‘words’ are not vital. Like many of my white friends, I don’t really know where to begin. I do know these are truly just words and they are more for me as a declaration of my own change, growth and advocacy for the black community.

I want all the black people in my orbit – friends, current and former students, colleagues, neighbors and family – to know I stand in solidarity with you and the black community against systemic racism and oppression you experience every day in this country. To all in my orbit, agreeing that racism exists in this country is not enough though and equal treatment of all people by me is not enough. I can be a better advocate for black people by actively opening my eyes and being more aware of the social injustices and racial bias you face everyday, things I never have to consider or concern myself with due to my white privilege are issues you navigate on a regular basis. I will do more listening, reading, educating myself and I will vote. I am learning and my eyes are open.

The music I love, have spent my entire life being inspired by, listening to, studying, performing and teaching is music born out of the oppression of black people. The discussions and fellowship over the last week with my friends, students, and colleagues from different communities have inspired me to do more as an artist and educator to acknowledge the true origins and the history of black american music and jazz. I am ready to get connected to this music even more personally and with more depth. Again, I will do more listening, reading, educating myself – I am learning and my eyes are open.

Black Lives Matter – they should have always mattered.
Racism in any form is never okay and should never be tolerated.